Saturday, June 18, 2011

Been waiting so long....

The six months of waiting have finally passed and I'm a bandita.

During the months of waiting, so many of my physical problems were chalked up to my weight, I began to feel like it was going to fix it all - the Magic Belt!

I got my lap band on June 9th 2011 from Dr. Snyder at Rose Medical. The past week has been different than I expected, but very good.

The surgery was definitely more painful than I had hoped, and I'm still taking some pain meds. Of course, I'm a pale and delicate flower, and I feel everything, so we know that this is not typical for most people.

However, some tremendous benefits have been felt already!

My GERD has been gone since the day of the surgery. In the weeks before the surgery, I would sometimes wake up in the night and feel like I was drowning in my own stomach acid. (Gross) Anyway, in addition to this, my asthma is at an all time low. Before the surgery I was coughing constantly. We always knew it was triggered by the GERD, but I had no idea how much. I have not used my nebulizer since the morning of the surgery.

I can walk without having to stop and catch my breath!! I can go out for a walk, and then come back and climb the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment, and not have to stop part way and wheeze. It's pretty amazing.

Here's another one: I get full. I actually have times where I don't feel hungry. I admit that I thought I wouldn't be hungry at all during the healing process, and I am, which scared me at first. But the hunger GOES AWAY after I've eaten something. This is totally new.

Add to that, this morning I was under 250. This is really significant. 250 is the point where my body wakes up and says, "Hey! You are asking me to carry too much weight!" and my health gets worse. It's been true every time I get there. So this morning's scale weight was huge for me.

Oh yes, before the surgery - for at least a month, I had started getting what definitely felt like low blood sugar incidents and I was terrified that the diabetes was finally here. I haven't had anything like that. I've had a couple of mornings where I really really wanted my breakfast, but NO sweats, no shaking, no problems with speaking...

My joints seem to ache less, but that could easily be the Extra Strength Tylenol (Adult Liquid BLAST!) that I have been taking. I have some oxycodone mini pills left but I've been trying to taper them off.

Anyway, this is me. I was hesitant to start blogging until I saw some significant results but there are so many lap band blogs out there, I might as well join you!

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