Monday, June 20, 2011


I weighed myself this morning and found that the scale has jumped - the wrong way.  It's funny, because if you are not built to be a daily weigher this is the kind of thing that really frosts you.  For me, I'm ever so glad to not be weighing only on Mondays because I would have missed the last few days' sojourn into the 240s!

TOM is here, started last night, and so I am not really surprised at the bloat.  And it does explain the appetite jump yesterday.   I'm still on blended foods, but I went to the store and got some more flavorful soups and diet pudding and things.

Today is the day I would have been going to work on the original surgical plan.  I'm actually so grateful that it is a few more days away.  My surgeon has been away at a conference and HR won't let me back without a note from him.  I'm going to call today and make sure he's seeing me on Wednesday after the Mandatory Nutrition Class, <g>.  So Thursday will probably be my day back to work.

I'm amazed at how tiring the surgery has been.  I guess this is the difference of waiting till you are 50 to have it done, ladies and germs.  The younger women having surgery the same day as me were feeling better and going out the door, and I wound up staying over night.

Speaking of pain management, I think some Tylenol is called for this morning.  My abs still feel like someone was dancing on them...


Later, same day - well that was the only Tylenol I took all day and I do feel a difference, but its also good to know that I CAN do without them if I need to.  I've been more tired and achey, but that's to be expected.  I'm sure I'll take some when I have to go back to work.

Anyway, its been a slow day.  I didn't go and do any errands, I just now (6 pm) went and did a ten minute walk around the grounds.  The wind was picking up and all over the apartment complex, people were going inside.  So I didn't stay out for much.

I feel sleepy and hungry today.  Still craving mashed potatoes.  Potatoes are not on the OK list from my doc - nothing white is - so I am about to cook some frozen orange squash in the hopes that the texture will ease the craving.

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