Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feelings of Fullness

So yesterday afternoon I ate everything in my lunch bag that I had brought for work and still didn't really feel full.  I kept drinking water and wondering if it was a psych issue.   But I'm on soft foods still you know, the ones often referred to as sliders and so I eventually became convinced that they were indeed slip sliding away and not holding the full feeling at all.

When I got home I pulled out some of the roast pork I had slow cooked the other day, with the theory that it at least was the item I was allowed to eat that actually had the most heft to it, so to speak.  I weighed out my 2 ounces and sat down to chew, chew, chew.   I finished it and had a moment of panic as I realized I still felt hungry.  But I regained my calm and set my "kitchen timer" for about 25 minutes with the theory that the brain runs behind the stomach.  I turned on a TV show and set out to ignore the hunger feeling.   And sure enough, we got to about 15 minutes into the timer and I started feeling.... full, still a new sensation that I'm not sure I know what its supposed to feel like.   As the time went on I felt more full.  By the time the timer rang its little bell, I was stuffed.   And an hour or more later when I talked to V I was still stuffed.

The most amusing thing, of course, is that as I was lying down to go to sleep, I snagged my Blackberry and pulled up myfitnesspal, because I was thinking of all those things I ate trying to get full and OMG how many calories was that?  And its little status said, "You have 55 calories left today."  ...!!  Which of course means I was finally over 1200 for the first time since the surgery, but still.  We are talking about a gal who used to eat 3000 calories and still be hungry.   I slept better than I usually do, and I didn't wake up to eat in the night - just to turn off the A/C.

This is going to work.  


  1. Welcome to Bandster HELL!!! Know this: it does get better!!!

  2. That's the thing Miri, you have to just trust that the band will do it's thing. I'm so glad you listened and waited before having more to eat. It will work, just give it some time and yourself time to get used to trusting your band! Great job.

  3. I second what Jessica said, BANDSTER HELL!