Monday, June 27, 2011

I miss caffeine

Is it really Monday morning?  Wow, I DO miss my caffeine.  The dietician said I couldn't have any yet, that it would irritate my poor tummy.  So I'm a good girl, drinking decaf British breakfast tea.  Wah!

I'm about to face my first full week back post surgically and I'm hoping to have more energy today.  The support group at Rose Medical is tonight and I would love to go!  That's a goal, and we'll have to see.  I reserve the right to come home and go to sleep instead....

This weekend I slept all Saturday - watched TV in the morning, and in the afternoon I gave up the pretense of alertness and took an actual nap. 

Oh well, I'm off to pack my food bag so I don't have an awful day.  I'm including portable food for the 7 PM meal in case I can manage this support group...


  1. Great job thinking ahead to pack for the support group. That way you won't be too hungry after!

  2. That's strange, I've been able to have caffeine since the day after. It doesn't hurt anything, hope they let you have some soon!

  3. I have become addicted to coffee since my surgery, I think it was the no coke that happened to me, now I could not live without my coffee. Good luck with your full week back at work. I know it can be tough.