Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nutrition Class and saw the Nurse... and my doc too

So we had our nutrition class today and got our instructions for this week - softs - and next week - solids.  Then we all got to see the nurse, and in my case the doc too.

I'm not dying, but he wants me to go and see another doctor about  my liver.  I am forbidden to look up the diagnosis on the internet so I am not even looking at the paper.  My doc swears all will be well.  I am trusting him. And, yay, the doc he wants me to see is in network (ie, fully covered now that we've hit the deductible!)  so that is all good....

I can swim in a week, but no massages till 6 weeks out.  And I have a note for going back to work.  Tomorrow.  And I've faxed it to HR and FMLA so as they say, "my fate is sealed".

V and I are going to cook fish for dinner, yay!! And I'm going to do a quick run to the grocery store and then get a blood test (more of this thing that I'm not worrying about) - and then I may get a haircut, we'll see.

If I were seriously ill he wouldn't be letting me go back to work.  Meantime, I'm wearing a pair of pants that didn't fit me 3 weeks ago, my breathing is great, and my friends at work will be happy to see me.   Life is good.

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