Sunday, June 26, 2011

Off to Therapy....

I am lucky to have found a therapist who works weekends.  And she has walked with many patients on the lap band journey so I am looking forward to seeing how this will go.   Today will be my first session since before the surgery.   So, of course, I'm trying to decide what to wear.  LOL.  I +am+ a girl, even if I don't have long nails and don't (yet) wear heels...

We had a lovely evening last night.  V came over and we had a shopping/cooking date - we went and picked out lovely fish to have for dinner, and then came home and cooked it.  And then we watched an episode of Bones.  Our TV watching involves watching on DVD, shows that are several years behind other people.  Sometimes I have watched further ahead, but the family rule is that no spoilers are given to Vince to spoil his watching.   (We recently finished watching Buffy and Angel all in order).  It kind of dates back to when I first separated from  Chris.  There would be weeks where he would have the kids and I would come home to an empty apartment.  For the first time in 18 years I had the remote.  I didn't even know how to WORK the remote.  So then, I got to ask myself what would I actually like to watch?   That's when I got my Netflix account, because what I wanted to watch back then (geek alert) was Babylon 5, from the beginning, in order.  I had never got to do that.   Then I started watching other shows too.  And now, of course, I suggest things to Vince that he might not otherwise think of watching.  We are in the middle of Bones (season 3) and the 4400 (season 2).  Anyway it was the first time we'd sat and watched some TV, really, since my surgery.  I kept being too tired or too out of it.

It was a feeling or a return to normalcy, last night, to cook and eat.   Except I got full and Vince finished my fish too.  It was an exquisite bit of flounder.  We got a big frozen package from our local warehouse store, mmmm.  He had some zucchini too, and some crackers since it turned out that we had no bread.  I guess I was the big bread eater because the kids hadn't bought any, how odd. 

Anyway, it was a lovely date.  Life is feeling more and more like normal, only better.  :)

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