Friday, June 24, 2011


I applaud the wisdom of the universe, since my original plan had been to go back to work this past Monday.  Wow! 

I had a good day at work yesterday, but it was exhausting!  I had made dinner in the crock pot (a pork roast) and it was all I could do to come home, put it in plastic containers and label them, weigh out my 3 ounces (of which I could only eat 2), and go to bed after dinner...

I'm pretty sure that part of it was that I didn't get nearly enough water yesterday, so I am starting this morning with a bottle of water before anything. 

Other than that, it was a really good day.  Everyone was glad to see me and welcomed me back, my boss took the time to come down to my work area and talk to me about what's coming up (which I always wish he would do).  And it wasn't a crazy day, it was pretty calm as IT days go, so I had time to sit and work on catching up on my thousand emails....

Still I was SO glad to be going home.  Mid afternoon everything was hurting and I realized I'd let the tylenol wear totally off again.  I need to pay attention to that today and not do that. Luckily neither my boss nor the HR guy saw me limping around in the afternoon because the people who did could tell I was in pain...

I was in bed by about 8 PM last night.  And awake about 5 this morning, but that works.  I think I woke fewer times in the night.

I'm down yet another pound today.  This is so magical.  I have been trying for something like a year to get under 250 and stay there.  I was 246 this morning.  And I feel so good, even tired as I am, and not allowed to have any caffeine yet, my stomach isn't acidy, I'm not coughing, and I just FEEL better in some indescribable way.  I've decided that is the normalizing of my blood sugar. 

And my skin does look better.  Everyone had commented on how good my skin looked and I thought it was because of the new makeup.  But then V said he had noticed it the past few weeks that I've been staying home (and wasn't wearing any makeup) so I took a good look this morning and _dang!_ he is right.  I have that glow that when I was in OA I used to call the "abstinent glow" and I always thought it was from all the veggies.  Which can't be it because I'm not getting enough veggies.  I get full and then .... I'm working on it.  So I wonder if it is the absence of sugar?

More MAGIC!!!  I just tried on my largest pair of jeans - which hasn't fit me in at least 3 months.  I've got them on and am sitting in the chair (to test whether I should actually wear them to work) as I write.  OMG this is amazing.  I think it has been 6 months since I've worn jeans on a Friday.  Now I have to figure out what to wear with them. 


  1. Good for you! So happy about the jeans!! You are on your way isn't it such an amazing journey!

  2. I'm glad things are going so well for you! My skin has definitely improved since surgery.