Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Ramblings

Good morning everyone!  As soon as I woke up, I knew... knew that I had been at Vince's over the weekend since my A/C is waiting for the repair guy and I didn't weight myself for the BOOBS challenge.   So I hopped right up and weighed, and emailed Gillian.  I think I'm down 0.2 since last week.  No matter.   Down is down.

Anyway, this time for me is about learning how to live with the band, not really about the challenge at all.  I'm part of it because I feel the sense of community by participating in a part of BOOBS, even though I'm not going to the get together this time. 

It's all good.   I had a quiet weekend, and I didn't walk as many steps as I'd hoped.  In face, yesterday was the first day since getting the fitbit that I walked under 6000.  Fairly impressive for this formerly sedentary gal! 

I also ate a little too much yesterday - not that I upset my band, but I had an extra snack that was calorie heavy.  This kind of makes me giggle, because yes, I had about 1795 calories yesterday.  But we are talking about the woman who used to eat a minimum of 2400 calories on a day where she had hardly walked at all.  More like 3000 calories on a usual day.   So, I'm still fine.  I still burned more calories than I ate.  And its a new week, so away we go! 

Tomorrow, well tomorrow will be stressful;  I'm seeing that specialist about the liver biopsy and I don't know what he will tell me.  Also first thing in the morning I'm having tea with a friend I haven't seen since before the surgery.  Two stressful things.  Hopefully both good stress!! 

I have made no headway on naming my band.  Although I got my fitbit so soon after my band that I'm just tempted to call them the twins.  I'm not the best at picking names for things like stuffed animals, dolls, and other inanimate objects.

I have another week (well 9 days) till my fill class and first fill.  I'm working on things.  This isn't a diet, it isn't just a plan, it's my life.  It feels different.   I am committed to my life.

I'm still amazed at how much healthier I feel than 5 weeks ago!  Woot!!

BTW I am on Twitter as MiriBanded.  If you are someone who tweets, let me know!!


  1. Isn't it funny how things change. I freak if I have a 1500 calorie day these days, but seem to conveniently forget that 1500 would have been a Low calorie day for me pre-band!!

    Congrats on the .2 loss! Down is Down!

  2. Good're doing great! I just followed you on Twitter! :)