Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning

Having decided that I wasn't going to the gym this morning (V is here, and also my legs hurt from the weekend's workouts!) I woke up at 5:30 without any alarm. Good to know this regimen has a chance of success.

I had a good weekend.  Saturday I went to the rec center and got a workout machine orientation (that lasted an hour and a half) and then walked my mile. Then home for a shower and a quick lunch and off to get a massage.  Sunday I was pretty achey and tired, but eventually I got up and worked out, did laundry, grocery shopping, and made a trip to storage to retrieve some clothes I hadn't thought I'd need yet, but I do.

Going through the boxes was very rewarding and I believe I have some work pants that will fit. (Prior to the storage run I had one pair I was still willing to wear to work in the summer.)  Plus I have the size 20 pants suits that should fit this fall.  This is very exciting;  I got them at ARC with labels still on them for $7 and $9 respectively.  They didn't fit but I couldn't leave them behind.  I was in WW at the time and I never got to wear the pants - I used to wear the jackets occasionally before I hit my pre-surg weight and couldn't move my arms in them anymore.   So I guess in a way they are a symbol of a slimmer me.... and if things keep progressing as they have been, September isn't too far a reach for them finally fitting.

I had several NSV this weekend.  For one, my daughter told me that you could see that I've lost weight.  From a 22 year old daughter, high praise indeed.  !!  And the other is that yesterday I worked out in my famous 24 hour fitness workout outfit.  I'll take a picture later this week when I wear it again.  They are a size XL.  Granted, they are spandex and stretchy, but still!!  I suddenly realized that I'm down to the weight range I was in when I did a crazy low calorie kind of Atkins.  That diet made me feel cranky and tired, and a bit weak.  But I feel healthy and strong, and I'm still that weight.  Wildness. That's one of the reasons I made the pilgrimage to storage for my boxes.

Tonight, if I can get out of work on time, I'm going to boogie down to Rose Medical and go to the support group for the second time.  Tonight is the banded support group.  I went last month and there were about 4 people there.  They were all depressing and I felt like I talked too much.  I get more support and sharing reading the blogs.  But I am trying it again.  Some face to face contact might be a good thing.  We'll see...and we'll see how work is too.  I have planned out my food so that I can have a protein bar whilst driving to this thing, which is the only way the timing will work for me.

I'm still working on my food plan.  If there's anyone following me whose doc has them on 5 -6 small meals a day, no white carbs, I'd love to compare menus and see about some new ideas...I'm working on diversifying my food to make sure I don't get bored!


  1. Those are some awesome NSV !! I am so NOT impressed with my surgeon's office support group. They meet the last Saturday of the month and so far they have not been helpful at all. I try to meet some people to get ideas but that's all I get out of it. Hope yours is beter !

  2. I'm not impressed with my support group either. But they're mixed surgery types too. Last time I was the only one banded, one person had the Sleeve, and the rest were bypass.