Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something's a bit off....need a fill maybe?

At this time - 2 weeks from today -  I will be almost to Rose Hospital for my fill class.  I'm having some problems related to being ready for that now, I think.  I can eat more food than I was expecting to.  It's disconcerting and upsetting. And I seem to still be not getting the amount of water I wish to be. Unfortunately, plain water takes nasty, I'm hungry and having trouble with the drinking/not drinking, and I want that curiously full feeling back.   Hah!  Well, you can see that I need a fill.  

On the positive side, this means that I'm healing from the surgery.  I have 2 weeks till they lift the lifting restriction, and I can start to work out... walking more and feeling better is starting to feel "normal".  I've stopping carrying 2 pounds of nebulizer everywhere I go and switched back to the emergency inhaler which is tiny and doesn't mark me as a sick person. 

Today I'm going to concentrate on getting the water I need (in between going to work and seeing V of course).  And getting more fiber.   Which I'm just not going to explain, fill in that blank for yourself! 

I'm working hard on not feeling sorry for myself.   I'm counting my blessings.  Including being grateful for being a daily weigher, or I would have missed the 2 days this week that I had lost 20 pounds.  This time last week I was .4 less than I am now, so if I were a Wednesday weigher I wouldn't understand what was happening.   I'm still feeling bummed.  But some of it is just that I haven't been drinking water.  And I feel so good compared to a month ago!  This is not a time to give up, go back to old habits, this is a time to push forward and know it takes patience.  Anything else is just some inner gremlin trying to have his way with me.   So here I am, drinking my water and having my breakfast shake and then I'm going to go and pack my food for work.  Life is excellent, and if I don't realize it, I'll have to make myself carry the nebulizer - maybe even stop to use it - just to remind me, for goodness sake!

Inner Gremlin

Just needed a small pep talk.  It's been so much fun to be in that honeymoon phase, to have the weight just fall off like that, to feel like the world was mine.  It will be again.  I have to remember that the doctor's office has only registered a 13 pound loss and that all they asked is that I try and keep that off before my first fill.  And they thought I was doing fine.  So.... all else is just smoke and mirrors, my girl. 

I'm going to get out there and do my day now. 


  1. Maybe you should try putting lemon slices in your water, I started doing that a few weeks ago and it just makes me drink my water that much faster. I know some people who even put lime slices in as well.

    You can do this!! Sometimes you just need to vent to release all thsoe negative thoughts. :)

  2. Get some crystal light single bottle packs. They are delicious and they even have a Raspberry one now that has 3 g of fiber per pack. As for hunger, at your meals, only eat your 1C portion and nothing more, when you start to feel hunger again, eat a 100 Calorie or less protein snack. (Yogurt, cheese etc). That will help you get through to the next meal. It's very important to weigh and measure your food right now, you cannot trust your band to tell you when to stop. Welcome to Bandster Hell...don't worry, its not too long.

  3. I agree with Cat, portion control is critical for bandster hell. (Which if you didn't know is the time between surgery and your first fill when you're able to eat solids, but have no restriction, so you feel ravenous all the time!)

    You'll get through this!

  4. That's how I knew my stomach was healing when I started to get hungry again! I haven't been doing too goo at getting my water in either, but I'm working on it. I mostly got my water in while I was eating and since I can't do that now it's been hard. I'm just trying to force it down.

  5. I second the lemon slices (or even just the bottled lemon juice). It makes a world of difference for me. And I'm totally with you on the after the honeymoon phase. I lost like 25lbs, in the first month or so after surgery, and since then, nothing. *sigh* but we can do it! *hugs*