Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things get better slowly...

Of course, the outside circumstances haven't changed.  Much.  It's me that's starting to find my equilibrium again.  To remember all my positive thinking stuff and to be a cork, rising above the waves, as is my wont.

Work is still all riled up and crazy.  My boss has an all day meeting today so he won't be around to help at all (he's a combination supervisor/other technician so its a weird position).  People on staff are still riled up over things like people leaving, vacation requests and who is going when.  Since I need to hang on to my vacation, I don't really have any issues.  My boss is taking a week fairly soon, but he often does.  Not really a problem for me.   I've started to remember that I like my job, and feeling better is probably part of that.

I definitely have PMS though, I was very bad and got up and raided the kitchen baking supplies and ate some chocolate chips.   I'll have to speak to my daughter about putting those where I won't know their location.  Luckily, in my 1 AM bad eating decision, I melted them over some dried fruit, so at least they won't cause a total digestive problem.  Sigh.  I used to do things like that pre-banding.  I need to acknowledge that I still have to change my brain, and find other things to do to relieve stress than eat.  Otherwise, the stress builds.

I've also put my scale in my bathroom cupboard.  I'll take it out again for my Sunday weighing for the Boobs Challenge.  It's boring seeing the same weight day after day, and my weight loss has slowed.  Besides, I know that part is working and I need to work on other stuff, like when I will actually go to the gym, and making time for meditation.  I can't believe I'm saying that about the scale, BTW, but its true.

OK, off to pack my lunch and snacks.   I really need to get a smaller lunch box.  Am seriously considering getting something childsize...


  1. Scales can be evil. Mine has taken away everything I lost this last week.

    And yup, I work in Downtown Denver too. I work at the Police Headquarters. wheee!

  2. I have those middle of the night issues too ... deep sigh. You are not alone ....