Thursday, July 7, 2011

Veggies! and Water!!!

I'm doing better today.  I realized by yesterday evening that I was still doing the soft food diet protein percentage (90%) and so I wasn't able to eat my veggies.  In fact, sometimes I was just having meat and not even trying to have veggies or fruit.  So no wonder I have been feeling totally blah.

Anyway, today I have had veggies.  and I will probably have fruit before bed.  I think it is helping with the fullness since the veggies seem to expand after they get in there... I am eating slowly and listening for the soft stop, as the fairy bandmother told me in her book. 

My calories are staying between 1200 and 1400, and according to my fitbit I am burning over 2000 every day.  I have been keeping my steps up.  Last night, after work, I had only walked 6000 steps, so I invited V to go on a walk with me before dinner.  (I gave him that choice of that, or I could go to the rec center.  He chose the walk.  Good man. )  We walked about 3000 steps, which is a kick-*$$ walk for me, let me tell you!  It was fun too, we walked in an open space park near my house. I was doing great until I saw a sign like this: 

I was fine till I saw the sign... 

No, it's not the exact sign, I didn't stop long enough to take a picture.  I saw the sign and was suddenly ready to walk at a good pace all the way back to the car.  Didn't need a rest, not me!  Of course it was bright daylight and we were talking so we probably weren't in any danger but.... yikes!   I was brought up on the east coast, where we dun keeled off all the varmints long time ago...

I love Colorado though, really.  The mountain views in particular!   I don't miss back east, just every once in a while the differences in life out here give me pause...

I didn't go to the rec center again today.  But I walked over 8000 steps so that is going to have to be good enough.  I went to the store and then I thought I was going to have to log into work, so I'm already comfortable! 

Anyway I wanted to thank y'all for the words of encouragement I got about Bandster Hell.  I think I am getting into that stage.  It's almost encouraging (when I'm not worrying about how much I feel like eating) because it means I'm healing!  But I'm just showing up and working it... 5/6 small meals, no sugar, no floury carbs, drink my water separate from my meals, walk walk walk.... very different than my life was just over a month ago.   Very very different.  Protein bars instead of Hostess when I have a craving. 

I can do this, which is so weird.  But really good.  

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  1. Great job on getting those extra steps in!!