Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2nd fill today!

I got a little less than 1 cc today for my second fill.  It was much less of a big deal than the enormous first fill!  I felt much less car sick too.  Although I'm having about the same trouble eating much of anything.  Actually I didn't do badly - I've had a protein shake, some tomato soup, and some soft fruit.

I joined a gym closer to my house last night.  Tomorrow I go in and get my personalized machine and weights program.  It's a gym just for women, a couple of minutes from my house, and they have zumba so I'm really excited!

Work has been very stressful, and this week has been about de-stressing without food. I am learning about how to do that!


  1. please do share your destressing without food ... I will need them !

  2. hooray!! hooray for fills and hooray for gyms!

  3. fills and gyms and food free de-stressing, Oh my!!! (Yeah, I just finished reading the Wizard of Oz!)

  4. So happy you're trying to destress sans food!