Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1 Quantum Paleo, 21 Days

It's not totally normal for me to put my heart out there.  I think part of the reason
I stopped blogging is that as I ran into difficulties with my lapband, it became harder to post.  The fact that the band has solved a large number of my health problems is good.  The fact that I haven't really lost any weight is sad.  I'm tired of being this big, and a year and a half after the band placement, I'm still having the same struggle, the same issues. 

So I'm going to break with my personal tradition and start to post again.  Today is Day 1 of Quantum Paleo's 21 Day Challenge.  Unfortunately, I am not totally prepped - so hopefully the fact that I have to put aside or freeze things that are merely gluten free and get my part of the kitchen ready for this 3 week journey - will not be an issue.  I have given myself the option of this being day zero if I really need it.  But I'm hoping to gently slide myself into this regimen.

I've actually told several people that today was the day, which is also unlike me.  We will see.

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