Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quantum Paleo, Day 9

Day 9, and I'm down 5.6 pounds.  I'm tempted to say "painlessly".  There have been a few days where I was "paleo plus latte" as I managed my caffeine... this morning as I write this I am having coconut milk in my coffee.  It's pretty amazing. 

I've been a dairy junkie for a long time.  I'm amazed that I haven't really missed the cheese this time.  I've been eating every few hours as they recommend, and worked on not letting myself get too hungry (because the bad decisions that come from that are no fun at all). 

I even went to a work holiday party on Friday night and the next day the scale was down. 

Why is it different this time from the last time I tried paleo?  I'm thinking its those 3 gluten free weeks right before I started paleo, where I substituted GF flour for old favorites.  Also, I'm committed to 21 days, not the rest of my life, and my plan is to have a gluten free week over Xmas, and then back to paleo for another 21 days at that point.  I'm also not being a nazi about it all this time, either.  I've used a little soy sauce on something at one point, and at the holiday party I had a steak and didn't worry that the seasoning wasn't certified gluten free.  I even had 2 wedges of red potato with the steak.  And a chocolate covered strawberry for dessert off the tray of other "goodies" that others were having.

I'm usually a total sweet addict and sweets haven't been calling.  I've been having a tiny bit of dairy free chocolate chips in raw coconut butter about every second day, and that has helped. 

The most amazing thing to me was that when V and I were out holiday shopping last night, he had a low sugar incident (he's insulin dependent)  and so we bought him a couple of candy bars.  I thought about having one too, but they really didn't appeal to me.  I wondered who this alien being was who had taken over my brain.  Not interested in an excuse to have a Hershey bar?  Really?

An average day for me has been:
Breakfast: 2 eggs plus veggies cooked in coconut oil and some bacon fat.
Snack:  2-3 sausages, sometimes with a little sweet potato; occasionally a latte at this point (3 days out of 9)
Lunch:  Meat, Veggies and Spices:  My favorite lunch has been a chicken curry dish I made with onions, apples, and tomatoes.
Snack: Apple with Almond Butter.
Dinner:  Meat, Veggies and Spices: My favorite dinner so far has been Paleo Beef Stew, made with carrots, onions and tomatoes.  The Rotisserie Chicken I bought and had with a little broccoli was really great too.  And the night we went to smash burger:  I got a burger with lettuce instead of a bun, and a bunch of veggies - spinach, tomatoes, cukes, avocado, and some broiled portobellas. 
Snack: If I'm hungry before bed, I've been having the raw coconut butter. 

According to my fitness pal, I've had anywhere from 1400 to 1900 calories in a day.  I've had less than 200 grams of carb in most days, and under 300 grams of carbs any day we're talking about since the 1st when I started this wonderful craziness.

I'm feeling the restriction of my band - which definitely felt tighter as I gained this weight - and I am working with it, and it all feels amazing.  I've had fewer aches and pains this week too.

Goals for the next week include more water!  and hopefully more steps (I have a fitbit).  I'm not doing the workouts he recommends in Quantum Paleo.  Frankly, I feel that dragging this extra hundred pounds on my carcass means I need to approach exercise with caution.  I carried something heavy up three flights from the car last night and I had to sit down and catch my breath when we got into the apartment.  I still have a long way to go.  But I'm back on the journey, and I don't feel hopeless anymore.

I'm a year and a half past my lapband surgery, and I had been pretty angry that, while it cleared up my health issues, it still left me with all my weight to lose.  I think I finally have it.  I will wait and see, but this is pretty amazing.

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